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Archipelago race

is Västervik's new exercise race and a unique running party with two distances - 9 km & 15 km. Västervik's archipelago and Gränsö nature reserve offer running at its best.


Enjoy winding paths, sea-close cliffs, sparse pine forest and as you approach your destination even pulsating city walks. Treat yourself to an extraordinary running experience! More info >>


At the prison

you live both comfortably and close to the center of Västervik. We can offer hostels in hostels with access to hostel kitchens, single rooms for large family rooms and unique apartments for their own household. All this in an exciting environment with the thick walls of the walls from 1871.


The hotel is easily accessible with free parking and Wifi, breakfast included.

Book at or +46 (0) 76 136 89 66 Enter booking code: SKLV20

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